Proper Job Resource Centre

Proper Job is a recycling and reuse charity with a vision to create a zero waste society. We offer quality second hand goods donated by the community including clothing, books, reclamation and much more. You are invited to join workshops and events to help you to reduce your environmental impact.

Launched in 1995, Proper Job is one of the UK’s first community reuse centres nestled on the northeast edge of Dartmoor in Devon. We are a Charity that aims to keep reusable items away from landfills, by putting them on sale in an Aladdin’s cave of pre-loved treasures.

Everything from baths, crockery and clothes to garden furniture and building materials can be bought by you at a fraction of their original cost, meaning you not only save money but also go some way to leading a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

We are fiercely committed to principles of sustainability and educating to conserve resources. Our mission is to develop more UK initiatives around conservation, waste management and recycling of the earth’s resources. You are invited to join training sessions and skill sharing workshops. We offer these to promote the benefits of reusing, recycling and reducing in this modern age.

The objectives of the Proper Job Resource Centre are the protection and preservation of the environment by the promotion of waste reduction, reuse and recycling and advancing education of the general public about all aspects of waste generation, waste management and waste recycling.

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