Chagford Swimming Pool

Renowned amongst ‘wild swimmers’ Chagford Swimming Pool offers a memorable swimming experience for adults and youngsters alike.

Opened in 1934, Chagford Swimming Pool was dug by hand by local residents on land entrusted to the village by the Hayter-Hames family. It is the largest freshwater swimming pool in the south west of England and a very special spot to visit. The pool is fed by the mill leat, a small stream off the main river, which was originally diverted to power the waterwheel at Rushford Farm. Nowadays the water is filtered and a minimal amount of chlorine is added to ensure bathing safety. The temperature of the water is brought up from the original river temperature of only 16 degrees to a more comfortable 23 degrees (if the weather is good) through the use of solar covers. This makes it an afternoon activity once the sun has warmed things up. There is a delightful grassy area with chairs and tables for relaxing and sunbathing and refreshments are available from the tea shed. Blissful!

Note: The pool is open May to September only.